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Mobile Fuel is a revolutionary service that is disrupting the gasoline industry.

Our History


Our mission is to empower motorist.

Our Mission


Together, we are building futures...

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Mobile Fuel's History

Mobile Fuel - Just Gas

How it all started

In 2009, Navy C. Lanier established the gasoline delivery service in Atlanta, Georgia after he had a horrible trip to a gas station that was being robbed. After sharing his gas station story with others, a neighbor responded with, "if you ever come up with a way that I never have to go to a gas station, I will be your best customer." Within several months Mr. Lanier installed a fuel tank on the bed of his truck and signed up hundreds of customers and businesses to his gasoline delivery company Just Gas, Inc. 

Mobile Fuel - Autoful - Just Gas

Just Gas > Autoful > Mobile Fuel

We officially changed name our to Mobile Fuel in 2014, after we acquired Autoful. Autoful, Inc. was an automotive service company that sold roadside assistance, extended warranties and automotive cleaning service. After the acquisition, we expanded into Florida, Texas and Illinois.

Mobile Fuel - Generational logos

National Expansion

Mobile Fuel Operates in 28 major North American cities, have over a thousand employees and have serviced over a million vehicles. Our goal is to continue to be a leader in the gasoline delivery industry and to continue supporting the communities we services.


Mobile Fuel's Management

Navy C. Lanier

Navy C. Lanier, Mobile Fuel Founder and CEO

Founder, CEO

Class of 2009

Robert J. Edwards


Chief Operating Officer

Class of 2017

Beverly A. Bukhari


Chief Marketing Officer

Class of 2018